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We picked out some of the most frequent questions we got from Bondai’s friends. We hope this collection of answers is useful on how to use Bondai to unleash more travel fun with friends or on your own. Give us a shout if you have questions for us, your experience is the map of our future development.

What is Bondai?

Bondai is a collaborative and fun app to help you plan & book trips with friends and family. Bondai will help troubleshoot planning issues users face when having to book a group trip.
It’s faster and less stressful than flipping between numerous apps to plan one trip. It combines the best features of WhatsApp, Expedia and Splitwise where groups can collaborate to build their itinerary, share recommendations and book accommodations & flights while also keeping track of their expenses.

What does Bondai even mean?

Bondai is the unspoken bond you create with traveling with friends. Our favorite part of group trips is having breakfast together and laughing about what happened the night before… we can’t wait to hear what your favorite moments are!

Is It free to use?

Yes. Infact, using Bondai to book your group trip is cheaper than any other way! We have partnered with the best companies to ensure competitive prices for you and your crew!

How does it work?


1. Create your group

Travel is better with friends! Pick a cool name, add a fun display photo and invite your buddies to join the Bondai adventure by adding them from your phone contact list, email or by inviting them through a link!
The best part: Bondai rewards the trip leader for initiating the trip (;

2. The fun begins

Collaborate with the group by creating/taking polls in the group’s in-app chat. Vote on your ideal travel dates, favorite destinations and preferred activities. Whichever option gets the most votes, wins! May the odds be in your favor (:

3. Finalize the itinerary

Complete your booking in one tap! Chip in for your part of the villa and you’re good to go. Chances are you’re leaving from a different airport than your friends. Choose your preferred flight, pay for it and add it to your group’s notes so your friends know when you’re arriving.

4. Manage your own expenses

You never have to nag on your friends to pay you back for booking the trip … we don’t want to make things awkward between the trip members. That’s why we are allowing members to pay individually even though you’re all going to the same spot! Further, members can keep track of expenses on the app while traveling. Did John pay for the boat trip? Add that to the expenses.

Who can create a group?

Anyone registered on the Bondai app.

Do I need to install the app to join a Bondai group?

Yes, you do. We don’t want you to catch the FOMO bug. Downloading the app and joining the group ensures that you’re included in the amazing plans your friends have made.

Can I remove someone from the group?

If you’re a group admin, yes.

Can I leave the group?

Yes, although your crew will be sad to see you go 🙁

Can we upload photos of the trip on our Bondai group?

Ofcourse! Photos or didn’t happen…

How do I pay for an accommodation or flight?

You can pay with a credit credit in any currency, including Crypto!

Why if I want to cancel my flight or hotel reservation?

Simply click on your reservation and contact the flight or hotel company provided and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate your requests. There is not one specific refund policy we have for all reservations, however, we do work with the best travel companies to ensure great customer service.

Can I book a flight for another person?

Sure! As long you make sure you enter the passenger’s details exactly as they appear on their travel document (ID/Passport). FYI – many airlines charge a substantial change fee if any information needs to be edited after the ticket has been booked.

What happens if I cancel my trip, but my friends are still going?

It depends. You are responsible for your own flight cancellation. As for accommodations, the bill is split between all group members, even the security deposit. We like to keep things fair. If you booked your own room in a hotel, you would have to speak to the hotel directly. If you were sharing a room with your friends, or if the group booked a villa, it’s up to you and your friends to negotiate whether you should get your money back.

What happens when we get there?

You’ll be able to keep everything organized on the app. This includes: reservations, activities, expenses, and you can even keep track of where your friends are incase you get lost and want to find them on the map!

I can’t wait to use the app! When will it be available?

Bondai will be available on Apple Store and Google Play in the Fall of 2019! Make sure to subscribe here to be the first to use the app!

I have a great idea for Bondai! Can I send it to you?

Sure! We’d love your input. Email Bondai’s co-founder at Saria@bondai.io

I’d love to contribute to your blog! Can I send you an article?

We’d love that too! Send all requests to Saria@Bondai.io