Chasing the winter sun

Summer’s not over. Let’s face it; sometimes a hot chocolate just won’t cut it. For a real winter warmer, you need to get on a plane. Swap sleet for sunshine, rain for rainforests and dark days for a beach getaway.

On the ‘winter sun’ spotlight this week at Bondai is Morocco; an easy-to-reach option for winter sun, with a flight of just over three hours from London.

Our friends at TravelTalk offer all-inclusive tours throughout winter including accommodation, airport transfer, meals, transportation, and a guide.

Start off with the bustling markets of Marrakesh and discover the UNESCO World Heritage of charming Essaouira.

Watch the ocean unfold in Casablanca before you soak in the blue streets of Chefchaouen. Discover the impressive imperial cities of Fes and the capital, Rabat. Have a tagine under bright stars whilst surrounded by Saharan sand dunes.

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