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Discover the unknown
So much of who we are is where we have been. Bondai was created to awake your travel senses and open a world of possibilities, all in one place. Get ready to enjoy more roadtrip fun with friends - without the typical group planning headaches. It’s time to live the adventures you imagine and share amazing stories with the people you love!
Go far together
They say that friends who travel together stay together. Bondai is designed for travel freedom with friends. Forget about group planning hassles! Explore the first mobile app which helps you and your friends quickly decide on the next holiday adventures, manage the entire trips, get the best deals and stay connected at all times.
Bondai values
For better relationships
Our ambition is to empower the wanderlust community by helping people communicate better and reach their group travel goals faster - both app users and hospitality partners.
For sharing ideas
We were born to inspire through diversity and travel stories when it comes to exploring the endless possibilities out there, from amazing destinations to unconventional activities.
For happy times
We’re fueled by gratitude towards discovering the wonders of the world through your eyes, discovering them for the first time. We’re here to ignite travel joy.
For safe travel
We believe in simplicity and transparency, this is why we designed a smart and safe digital ecosystem that helps users enjoy the best travel prices and keep track of their friends.
Product Features
Create a group
Your next group trip is easier than you think. Start by summoning your playmates. Pick out a name and a few people (via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook) and, voila, you’re all set!
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Choose a destination
Don’t know where to go? We do. Fill in our clever questionnaire on what you feel like doing or your needs (e.g. sun, snow, foodie, wellness, budget) and we’ll suggest matching options to inspire your way.
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Invite your friends
Travel is better with friends. Bring on the fun vibes! You know who turns every trip into a great memory, so don’t miss out! Invite your roadtrip sidekicks to join the Bondai adventure and start your amazing journey.
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Explore accommodations
Some of the best places to stay seem out of reach. We’ve got you covered! Our partners have options for every taste and budget, all across the globe. From celebrity villas to eccentric hotels, take your pick!
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Find flights
Make the best of your flying experience. Compare the best flight prices and times. Get the best available options for your group trip. Ready for take off?
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Stay connected
Fun times deserve a crowd.
Enjoy communication features such as group chats. Make it easy for your group to stay connected and share trip photos. See where your travel pals are at all times and stay safe!
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Our travel network
We innovate every day to offer Bondai users all they need for their travel, in one place. And we’re just getting started! Our goal is to reshape the touristic community by building a strong, visionary partner network with superior booking and payment solutions, travel advice, competitive trip prices, and much more.


Your questions shape our future

What is Bondai?

Bondai is a collaborative and fun app to help you plan & book trips with friends and family. Bondai will help troubleshoot planning issues users face when having to book a group trip.
It’s faster and less stressful than flipping between numerous apps to plan one trip. It combines the best features of WhatsApp, Expedia and Splitwise where groups can collaborate to build their itinerary, share recommendations and book accommodations & flights while also keeping track of their expenses.

What does Bondai even mean?

Bondai is the unspoken bond you create with traveling with friends. Our favorite part of group trips is having breakfast together and laughing about what happened the night before… we can’t wait to hear what your favorite moments are!

Is It free to use?

Yes. Infact, using Bondai to book your group trip is cheaper than any other way! We have partnered with the best companies to ensure competitive prices for you and your crew!

How does it work?


1. Create your group

Travel is better with friends! Pick a cool name, add a fun display photo and invite your buddies to join the Bondai adventure by adding them from your phone contact list, email or by inviting them through a link!
The best part: Bondai rewards the trip leader for initiating the trip (;

2. The fun begins

Collaborate with the group by creating/taking polls in the group’s in-app chat. Vote on your ideal travel dates, favorite destinations and preferred activities. Whichever option gets the most votes, wins! May the odds be in your favor (:

3. Finalize the itinerary

Complete your booking in one tap! Chip in for your part of the villa and you’re good to go. Chances are you’re leaving from a different airport than your friends. Choose your preferred flight, pay for it and add it to your group’s notes so your friends know when you’re arriving.

4. Manage your own expenses

You never have to nag on your friends to pay you back for booking the trip … we don’t want to make things awkward between the trip members. That’s why we are allowing members to pay individually even though you’re all going to the same spot! Further, members can keep track of expenses on the app while traveling. Did John pay for the boat trip? Add that to the expenses.

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